The award winning Art Department at GHHS offers a broad range of art experiences for students who are interested in expanding their appreciation of the arts, mastering specific visual arts skills and exploring their own creativity.  We are firmly committed to allowing each individual to reach their own creative potential in areas including both 2 and 3 dimensional design.  Our experienced staff gives each student a chance to make, evaluate and learn about great works of art in classes including but not limited to Painting, Drawing, Computer Aided Design, Sculpture, Photography, Jewelry and Ceramics.  Our long standing tradition of excellence continues to serve our students as they present portfolios, apply for secondary programs in the arts, enter shows, and pursue careers in the visual arts.

Advanced Art Portfolio172.88 KB
Art and Design204.05 KB
Ceramics I 169.13 KB
Commercial Art173.84 KB
Digital Photography139.52 KB
Drawing I170.66 KB
Drawing II172.18 KB
Functional Ceramics174.37 KB
Jewelry I208.04 KB
Jewelry II208.53 KB
Painting I206.55 KB
Painting II 206.36 KB
Sculptural Ceramics174.09 KB
Studio Etiquette52.55 KB

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7:40 a.m. - 2:42 p.m.

Main Office
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Summer 8:00 am-3:00 pm

Student Services/Counseling
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Attendance Office
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Athletic Office
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Media Center
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Open M-F: 7 am-3 pm
Closed summer

Math Lab (Pod 6)
Tel: 616.850.6273
T/W/TH: 9:30 am -3:30pm

Closed summer


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